28 June - 1 July



The time is ripe to announce: we here in small Estonia and the even smaller Haapsalu have an impressive musical story to tell!

Once upon a time when Pyotr Tchaikovsky spent an ordinary summer vacation with his fellow compatriots in the Haapsalu resort, no one realised to attribute a special importance to it. It was, after all, quite ordinary for the Russian and especially the upper crust of St. Petersburg to spend their summer holidays in Estonian resorts. Today, we are used to seeing Tchaikovsky’s Bench in the Haapsalu Promenade, we are proud of the Estonian folk melody that sounds in the famous Sixth Symphony — we take it all for granted. Hopefully, the classical music summer event Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival will become as natural.

The first festival is before you: come and listen to the classical concerts by the leading Russian theatre Moscow Novaya Opera in the Haapsalu Castle Yard, experience the chamber concerts, the thematic walks in Tchaikovsky’s paths, the children’s concerts and, of course, the Estonian National Ballet’s grand open air performance “Swans” on the lake Väike Viik in Haapsalu.
Haapsalu and Tchaikovsky go together like the sea and the wind!



The main guest of the first festival is Novaja Opera from Moscow!

“Russian Romances and the Poetry of Pushkin”

Elina Netchaeva (soprano)
Johan Randvere (piano)

Russian romance is a blend of wonderful music and exquisite poetry. Unrequited love, inner loneliness, dreams and the joy of long-awaited rendezvous — Russian romance embodies the Russian soul. It laments and regrets, rejoices and suffers, aches for the world and relishes the pain. Yet the music never feels overblown or unconvincing, on the contrary, it is remarkably sincere and suggestive. Between the romances, we hear the timeless verses of Pushkin.

28 June


“Musical Letters”

Moscow Baroque Soloists
Iris Oja (mezzo-soprano)
Kirill Ogorodnikov (guitar)

The leader of the Moscow Baroque Soloists and oboist Deniss Golubjov with his band have collaborated with Estonian musicians over the years both in Moscow and Estonia. At this concert, they present a selection of music from the contemporaries of Tchaikovsky. The wonderful voice of Iris Oja sounds at home in Russian music.

29 June


Tchaikovsky’s romances, arias and duets

Soloists of Novaya Opera
Dmitri Sibirtsev (piano)

Fortunately for us, the wonderful singers of Novaya Opera showcase their wonderful vocal artistry at the Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival more than just at the orchestral performance of the opera “Iolanta”. Theatre director and pianist Dmitri Sibirtsev with the soloists of Novaya Opera perform arias and duets from Russian operas in the assembly hall of the historical Wiedemann Gymnasium (today, Läänemaa Co-Educational Gymnasium), where the atmosphere perfectly supports the spirit of the concert.

30 June


The Symphonic Orchestra of the Moscow Novaya Opera

Kalle Randalu is Estonia’s only Tchaikovsky Contest laureate so far. And his rendition of Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto, which he has not performed in years. In the second part of the concert, we will hear the composer’s most recognised, Sixth Symphony, “Pathetique”. The artist’s creative testament, the work that Tchaikovsky is claimed to have taken the most pride in.

Tchaikovsky. Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor
Tchaikovsky. Symphony No. 6 in B minor

30 June


Open air performance “Swans”

Estonian National Ballet presents to the audience an arrangement of the famous themes of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” on the lake Väike Viik in Haapsalu. Toomas Edur brought the revised performance to the stage with the Estonian National Ballet less than a year ago. The Haapsalu performance takes place on a water stage built on the lake Väike Viik.

Estonian National Ballet
Stage director Toomas Edur

The show is free of charge for the audience. We expect all the spectators to bring their own blankets and chairs and, of course, to dress according to the weather. If it rains, the performance will be held in the Haapsalu Cultural Center.

30 June


Children’s concert “Four Kind Fairies“

Diana Liiv has written the book “Four Kind Fairies” based on Tchaikovsky’s “The Seasons”, in which the familiar “Seasons” appear in distinctive instrumental arrangements with introductions to the fairy tale and the orchestral instruments. The pictures in the book and the concert illustrations are drawn by artist Reti Saks.

Diana Liiv (piano) and instrumental soloists
Choreography Helen Veidebaum
Text read by Liina Olmaru
Performed by young talented musicians and dancers from the Tallinn Ballet School and the Tallinn Music High School

The concert is an exciting audio-visual experience for both children and their parents.

1 July


The String Orchestra of the Moscow Novaya Opera
Kalle Randalu (piano)

Pianist Kalle Randalu opens the concert with Tchaikovsky’s “Souvenir de Hapsal” — a piece that could be the motto of the festival and that has truly come from the composer’s emotions relating to his time in Haapsalu.

Belonging to the golden string music repertoire, Tchaikovsky’s mighty serenade for the string instruments sounds exactly as the composer had envisioned — with the largest possible string ensemble, powerful and infinitely nuanced.

Tchaikovsky. “Souvenir de Hapsal” op. 2
Tchaikovsky. Serenade for Strings in C major op. 48

1 July


Concert performance of the opera „Iolanta” by Tchaikovsky

Concert performance of the rarely performed opera “Iolanta” in the Haapsalu Castle is an exceptional event. The tragic story of a young blind maiden slightly resembles the story of the White Lady, which has been performed by the Dome Church for decades.

“Wonderful taste and sense of completeness”, “enchanting, breathtakingly beautiful orchestral sound”, “true world class professionals” — these are some of the reviews for the Novaya Opera Theatre Orchestra.

The Symphony Orchestra of the Moscow Novaya Opera and soloists
Conductor Jan Latham-Koenig

1 July


``Tchaikovsky in Jazz``

The melodies of Tchaikovsky are beautiful and unforgettable. Hopefully they will echo in our ears for a long time. The festival closes with a modern jazzy rendition of this timeless music by one of the world’s best jazz clarinettists Antti Sarpila and the best jazz orchestra in Estonia. It would not be superfluous to wear a hat to the swinging Tchaikovsky evening concert in the wonderful Promenade Bandstand.

Music from “The Swan Lake”, “Nutcracker” and “The Sleeping Beauty”

Antti Sarpila (clarinet)
Estonian Dream Big Band

1 July



Info & tickets

Info and tickets are available at Haapsalu Cultural Centre.
Oper hours:
Mon-Fri 10.00-18.00, lunch 13.00-14.00
Sat 10.00-15.00

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Kalle Randalu
Kalle Randalu
Kalle Randalu on rahvusvaheliselt tuntud eesti pianist. Ta on lõpetanud Tallinna Konservatooriumi prof Bruno Luki juhendamisel ning täiendanud end Moskva konservatooriumis prof Lev Vlassenko klaveriklassis. Kalle Randalu on ühtlasi seni Eesti ainus Tšaikovski konkursi laureaat.
Jan Latham-Koenig
Jan Latham-Koenig
Moskva Novaja Opera dirigent
Jan Latham-Koenig on Moskva Novaja Opera muusikajuht ja Flandria Sümfooniaorkestri peadirigent. Ta on esimene briti päritolu dirigent, kes on Vene ooperis muusikaline juht. Latham-Koenigil on prantsuse, taani, poola ja Mauritiuse juured.
Elina Netšajeva
Elina Netšajeva
Elina Netšajeva on õppinud Tallinna Ülikooli kunstide instituudis Eda Zahharova lauluklassis ning lõpetanud 2016. aastal Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia magistrantuuri. Ta on telekonkursi „Klassikatähed 2014“ finalist ning osalenud konkurssidel nii Eestis kui välismaal. Elina paistab silma rõõmsameelsuse ja hea lavanärviga. Alates 2015. aastast on ta külalisesineja Eesti Draamateatri lavastuses „Kaart ja territoorium“.
Johan Randvere
Johan Randvere
Johan Randvere on oma põlvkonna eredamaid muusikuid. Ta on õppinud Milano G. Verdi nim Konservatooriumis prof Valerio Premuroso juures ja omandanud 2016. aastal magistrikraadi prof Ivari Ilja juhendamisel Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemias. Johan on soleerinud mitme orkestri ees ning esinenud eri koosseisudes nii Euroopas kui Ameerikas. Ta on ka Eesti Klaveriorkestri liige.
Christopher Rajaveer
Christopher Rajaveer
Christopher Rajaveer on Eesti Draamateatri näitleja. Ta on 2016. aastal lõpetanud Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia lavakunstikooli XXVII lennu (juhendajad Peeter Raudsepp ja Katariina Unt). Ta on mänginud filmides ja seriaalides, lugenud ette raadios ja dubleerinud animafilme. Alates 2016. aastast töötab ta EMTA lavakunstikoolis lavakõne õppejõuna. 2014. aastal pälvis Christopher Rajaveer Von Krahli Teatri Külmetava Kunstniku auhinna.
Kirill Ogorodnikov
Kirill Ogorodnikov
Kirill Ogorodnikov on Eesti uue põlvkonna kitarrist, kes esitab nii soolo- kui kammermuusikat. Ta on lõpetanud Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia Heiki Mätliku kitarriklassis ja maineka Kölni Muusikakõrgkooli prof Gerhard Reichenbachi kitarriklassis ning täiendanud end mitme hinnatud kitarriprofessori juures.
Denis Golubjov
Deniss Golubjov on õppinud Venemaa Gnessinite-nimelise Muusikaakadeemia oboeklassis ning lõpetanud Moskva Tšaikovski-nimelise Riikliku Konservatooriumi aspirantuuri. Ta on töötanud Moskva Filharmoonia Väikeses Sümfooniaorkestris ja Venemaa Riiklikus Akadeemilises Sümfoonilises Kapellis. Praegu on Golubjov solist Kolobovi-nimelises Moskva Uues Ooperiteatris, kus ta on teinud koostööd silmapaistvate dirigentidega nagu Gennadi Roždestvenski, Juri Timirkanov, Jan Latham-Koenig ja Eri Klas. Samuti mängib ta ansamblis Moskva Barokksolistid.
Iris Oja
Iris Oja
Iris Oja on koormeister ja ooperilaulja, kes enim tuntud oma kaasegase muusika interpretatsiooni poolest. Ta laulab uue muusika ansamblis Resonabilis ning teeb koostööd kollektiividega YXUS, ansambel U: ja Remix (Portugal).
Moskva Novaja Opera
Moskva Novaja Opera
„Suurepärane stiilitunnetus“, „lummav, hingetuksvõttev kõla“, „tõeline maailmaklass“ – nii on meedia kirjeldanud Novaja Opera orkestrit.
Esituse kõrge standardi on seadnud Novaja Opera asutaja Jevgeni Kolobov. Hiljem on peadirigentideks olnud Feliks Korobjov, Eri Klas ja aastast 2011 Jan Latham-Koenig. Novaja Opera orkester annab peale etenduste ka sümfooniakontserte koos ooperisolistidega. Orkestri ees on olnud mitmed tuntud dirigendid ja interpreedid: Gennadi Roždestvenski, Jose Cura, Dmitri Hvorostovski, Natalja Gutman jpt. Samuti teeb orkester pidevat koostööd Moskva Klassikalise Balleti, Vene Keiserliku Balleti ja Moskva Balletiteatriga.
Jelizaveta Soina
Jelizaveta Soina
Jelizaveta Soina (sopran) on alatest 2011. aastast Moskva Novaja Opera solist ning mängib nimiosa Tšaikovski ooperis „Jolanta“. Ta on 2008. aastal lõpetanud Moskva konservatooriumi muusikakolledži ning jätkab õpinguid konservatooriumis. Soinal on teatris rolle ka teistes Tšaikovski teostes: Tatjana („Jevgeni Onegin“), Maša („Padaemand“).
Estonian Dream Big Band
Estonian Dream Big Band
"Lead Coder"
Estonian Dream Big Band on asutatud 17. märtsil 1998. Eesti parimatest instrumentalistidest koosnev EDBB on musitseerinud rahvusvaheliselt tuntud dirigentide, džässmuusikute ja lauljatega, nagu Frank Foster, Dennis Rowland, Hayati Kafe, Jukka Linkola, New York Voices, Randy Brecker jt. EDBB repertuaar ulatub svingist nüüdismuusikani.
Antti Sarpila
Antti Sarpila
Antti Sarpila on üks Soome väheseid rahvusvaheliselt tuntud džässmuusikuid. Ta on klarneti- ja saksofonimängija, helilooja ja arranžeerija. 1980ndatel õppis ta maailmakuulsa Ameerika klarnetisti Bob Wilberi käe all – sealt on alguse saanud tema pühendumus traditsioonilisele džässile. Sarpilat seob koostöö Moskva Novaja Operaga, kus ta on kümne aasta jooksul andnud kontserte „Swingin‘ the Opera“ ja „Swingin‘ the Ballet“ Oleg Lundstream’i džässorkestriga.

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Chance to win 10 x 2 tickets to Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival.
Winners will be announced on July 19.

You have to buy goods for at least 20€ value to attend the lottery. Write your name and e-mail address to the check and put it in the lottery box. You can find the box in every shop listed afore.