Due to the emergency situation, Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival will not take place this year (2020). It will be postponed to the next year (2021).

The new dates of the festival are 1.-4. July 2021.

This years tickets are valid at next years festival.

More information about the tickets on the website www.eestikontsert.ee and our Facebook page Eesti Kontsert.

We hope to see you at next years festival!



Theatrical performance ``If only there weren’t that forest in the way``

Based on Tchaikovsky’s biography and creation (in Estonian)

By Urmas Lennuk
Producer Eili Neuhaus
Artist Irina Marjapuu
Actors from Rakvere Theater: Ülle Lichtfeldt, Eduard Salmistu and Madis Mäeorg and Margareth Villers (Rakvere School of Music)

The performance focuses on the famous Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky. His creative burning, constant self-searching, painful contradictions in his time and his frantic passion for music and creation is inspiring in every era. In a bit Chekhov-style love story, the comic elements, grand emotions, human longing, and tragic pain is interwined.

The performance is two acts with one intermission, 2.5 hours.

Thu, 25 June at 6 pm


Night concert

The Rahman Quartet
Hans Christian Aavik (violin)
Marta Mutso (violin)
Greten Lehtmaa (viola)
Andres Alexander Metspalu (cello)

Tchaikovsky String Quartet No. 1 in D major op. 11
Mozart. String Quartet No. 16 E-flat major KV 428

The Rahman Quartet is made up of friends of the Tallinn Music High School Orchestra’s instrument group concertmasters, who started playing together during their school time and remained together as an ensemble and have already won acclaim. The presents romantic music, which always sounds special when performed by young people at the Tchaikovsky Festival. The name of the ensemble is a tribute to pianist Sophia Rahman, who has contributed to the groups music-making and provided them with inspiration.

Thu, 25 June at 10 pm


Classical Stars 2020

The finalists of this season of TV music competition “Klassikatähed” will present themselves on the concert stag. Tchaikovsky’s music will surely be performed.

Fri, 26 June at 6 pm


Mozart and Tchaikovsky

Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Conductor and soloist Dmitry Sinkovsky (violin, Russia)

Mozart. Violin Concerto No. 5 in A major K.219
Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings in C major, op. 48

The Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and Dmitri Sinkovsky have previously played together, and have captured the rare moments when musicians, audiences, and critics are truly moved. Countertenor, violinist, and conductor Dmitry Sinkovsky is a phenomenal musician whose daily stage partners include the world’s most renowned soloists and the best orchestras.

“Virtuosity, elegance, expressiveness, imagination – nothing is missing in his music”. (Le Monde)

Fri, 26 June at 8 pm



Joel Remmel Trio:
Joel Remmel (piano), Heikko Remmel (double bass), Ramuel Tafenau (percussion)

Tchaikovsky. “The Children’s Album”

The Joel Remmel Trio is a welcomed performer on many jazz stages. The undeniably great young musicians are known for their wonderful arrangements. This time a new arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s “The Children’s Album” will be premiered. It is a work that many people are nostalgic about, but the concert will definitely be something unexpected.

Fri, 26 June at 10 pm


``Songs of Pilgrimage``

Chamber Choir Festino (St. Petersburg)
Conductor Alexandra Makarova

Russian Orthodox Music, Arvo Pärt

The St. Petersburg Chamber Choir Festino was created in 2009, with 16 young musicians, all of whom have graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatoire. Mostly 20th and 21st-century music, as well as Baroque and Renaissance are performed. The Festino Chamber Choir has been a laureate of many distinguished international competitions and is constantly performing in the best St. Petersburg halls (Maria Theater, St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall, Chapel Hall, etc.).

The group has collaborated with renowned musicians such as Georg Grün and Saarbrücken Chamber Choir, Peter Phillips (The Tallis Scholars), Fyodor Lednev, Divertissement Chamber Orchestra, Russian Horn Orchestra, and others. The choir’s performances of old Russian hymns have been considered particularly successful, this time performed interwoven with Arvo Pärt’s choral music.

Sat, 27 June at 5 pm


Terem kvartett and Hong Kong String Orchestra

The music of Terem Quartet is passionate and lively, just like a reflection of the Russian soul. Their performances are theatrical and in constant dialogue with the audience. They put all their soul into the music and according to Russian custom nothing is withheld, and so the world is a bit better place after every concert.
The Terem Quartet has brought unprecedented attention to Russian folk instruments. It is an ensemble where each member is simultaneously a composer, arranger, and improviser, but the music is created together.

“For those new to this fantastic ensemble, the first encounter with the Terem Quartet is like a lightning strike – a dazzling, massive charge of energy and a super-virtuosic play that takes you unnoticed to a place you’ve never been before.” (FRoots)

“The members of the ensemble present their instruments in their entire color palette, and the performance of the musicians is like the sky opening to the listener.” (Leidsch Dagblad)

“Love, anger, irony, philosophical feelings, all united in Russian style and in Terem’s music in a very soulful way.” (Independent)

Sat, 27 June at 7 pm


Beati Mandolini

Beati Mandolini:
Urmas Põldma (song, percussion)
Ants Õnnis (mandolin, harmonica)
Tõnu Raadik (mandolin, violin)
Teet Veskus (guitar, harmonica)
Are Jaama (guitar, mandolin)
Joosep Sang (mandolin)
Endel Valkenklau (bass mandolin)

Russian romances and Italian serenades

Beati Mandolini performes mostly Sicilian folk music as authentically as possible. This time around, at the Tchaikovsky Festival, they will naturally add Russian romances to its repertoire – after all, there is much similar in the music, people, and history of the two countries – passion, vivid colors, and grand gestures. Love songs whether speak of the seventh heaven or are afflicted with emotional hell. Beati Mandolini captivates the audience with genuine and direct acoustic music that fits into every interior and fascinates listeners of all ages.

Sat, 27 June at 10 pm


Fairy tale concert ``Peter and the Wolf``

Pärnu City Orchestra
Conductor Jaan Ots

Prokofiev. “Peter and the Wolf”, op. 67

It is the story of a brave little Peter, his good friend a bird, a waddling duck, a sneaky cat with soft fur and a fluffy tail, a grumpy grandfather, and of course, a terrible wolf who appears now and then with hunters following him. The fairy tale is fascinating, and the orchestral instruments are studied as a game.

Sun, 28 June at 12 pm



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Magnificent reopening of the castle for the townspeople after the renovation.

Fri, June 28


Exhibition ``Two Homes``

The exhibition takes us to the home of two citizens of Haapsalu at the turn of the century and provides an opportunity to become acquainted with the lifestyles of two families. Brother-in-law Johannes Waldmann and Harald Dampf have lived in Haapsalu at Uus-Sadama 8, and Õhtu Kallas 3, the home of the Gernet family in Haapsalu was a villa Friedheim at Supeluse 2.

from June 21, Mon-Sun at 10.00-18.00


Thematic tours

Thematic tours, starting from Haapsalu Town Hall, at the exhibition “Two Homes”
Sat, June 29 at 12.00 in Estonian
Sat, June 29 at 13.00 in Russian
Guided by Aleksandra Murre

Ticket 5€

Sat, June 29


International Graphic Design Contest- Exhibition INDIVIDUALITY ‘19.

The topic of the exhibition is LIFE.

June 1 – June 30


June 1 – Sept 15         Exposition of works by Evald Okas: graphics, painting, drawings, objects
June 1 – Sept 15         “Watercolor in the work of Evald Okas” Curator Mai Levin
June 1 – June 30         Sites and Places. Jaan Elken
June 27 – July 17        Luigi Cillo, Italy. Curators Ave Tamme and Mara Ljutjuk

June 1 – Sept 15


Popup fashion cafes

Thu, June 28 at 12.00-20.00 Tiina Talumees Couture
Fri, June 29 at 12.00-15.00 and Sat, June 30 at 12.00-19.00 Alexanderling fashion brand, Tassel necklaces, Phax beachwear

June 28 – June 30


Russian cuisine brunches

Fri, June 29 at 12.00-15.00 and Sat, June 30 at 12.00-16.00

June 29 – June 30


Terem Quartet
Terem Quartet
Hong Kong String Orchestra
Hong Kong String Orchestra
Dmitry Sinkovsky (violin, Russia)
Dmitry Sinkovsky (violin, Russia)
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Alexandra Makarova (conductor)
Alexandra Makarova (conductor)
Chamber Choir Festino (St. Petersburg)
Chamber Choir Festino (St. Petersburg)
Pärnu City Orchestra
Pärnu City Orchestra
Jaan Ots (conductor)
Jaan Ots (conductor)
Beati Mandolini
Beati Mandolini
Joel Remmel Trio
Joel Remmel Trio
The Rahman Quartet
The Rahman Quartet