28 - 30 June 2018



The first Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival that was held in 2017 attracted the audience’s attention and received praise from critics as well as several prestigious awards. The NGO West-Estonia Tourism gave the festival the honourable first place in the contest Tourism Deed of the Year 2017. The town of Haapsalu awarded the festival the title of the Best Cultural Event in Haapsalu in 2017. This year, the festival presents guest performers from Saint Petersburg, the birthplace of Estonian professional music, with two prestigious names of the city arriving in Estonia: the Northwest Symphony
Orchestra of Saint Petersburg and the St. Petersburg State Capella Choir. As it would be impossible to imagine the Tchaikovsky Festival without ballet, we can enjoy the romantic ballet night directed by Mare Tommingas from Vanemuine Theatre. The programme also includes several carefully selected chamber music concerts. We welcome everyone who loves beauty, romance, overwhelming emotions, and incredible melodies, as well as historic concert sites, warm summer nights, the romantic old town, and what is most important, the grandiose music of Tchaikovsky.

Haapsalu and Tchaikovsky go together like the sea and the wind!



Romantic Russian Choir Music

St. Petersburg State Capella Choir
Conductor Vladislav Chernushenko

Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Sviridov

The St. Petersburg State Capella Choir has a special place in the Russian music scene. The Cappella, which
was founded at the same as the city of Saint Petersburg itself, is the foundation of professional Russian musical
groups. The large mixed choir represents the powerful Russian choral tradition. The conductor of the choir,
Vladislav Chernushenko, who is the People’s Artist of Russia and the laureate of numerous prizes, has earned both the love of his home audience and international recognition. In Haapsalu, the choir performs classical pieces from Russian choral music, singing choral works by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, and Sviridov.

T 28. june 19:00


``Romances and Poetry“

Priit Volmer (bass, Estonian National Opera), René Soom (baritone, Estonian National Opera), Jaanika Rand-Sirp (piano)

Priit Volmer and René Soom are multi-talented artists. They are loved by the audiences as excellent opera
singers on the stage of the National Opera, but they have also participated in drama performances of the Theatre Varius. At Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival, the artists combine their talents and skills both as singers and actors. The result is worth experiencing – a captivating mix of Russian music and poetry.

Thurs. 28. june 22:00


Stars of Classical Music 2018

Performances by this year’s finalists:
Tanel-Eiko Novikov (percussion)
Ingely Laiv (oboe)
Johannes Põlda (violinl)
Kaspar-Oskar Kramp (trombone)
Sven-Sander Šestakov (piano)
Kristiina Rokashevich (piano, the finalist of „Stars of Classical Music 2016“)

The finalists from the popular TV contest ‘Stars of Classical Music’, which introduces young musicians and
classical music, perform the music that was heard on the show this season as well as the pieces that were left out due to a lack of time. We get a chance to meet the young musicians and enjoy their performances in more detail than possible during a TV.

Fri. 29. june 16:00


Evening with a Piano: Peeter Laul

Tchaikovsky, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff

Peeter Laul is one of the best-known contemporary Estonian pianists on the world stages. He is the laureate of
several international contests and has, among others, won the first prize at the Scriabin Piano Competition in
Moscow. Laul is an active concert pianist, ensemble pianist, and a lecturer at the Saint Petersburg State
Conservatory. At his solo concert in the historic festive hall of the Läänemaa Gymnasium, he will perform
romantic Russian piano music, for the performance of which, Peeter Laul has deserved special recognition.
The concert also features the signature piece of the Tchaikovsky Festival, „The Memories from Haapsalu“.

Fri. 29. june 19:00


Ballet Night

Soloists of the International Ballet Troupe of Vanemuine Theatre:
Amy Bowring (Australia),
Maria Engel (Germany),
Tarasina Masi (USA),
Merilin Mutli (Estonia),
Laura Denise Quin (Great Britain),
Emily May Ward (Great Britain),
Brandon Alexander (USA),
Alexander Germain Drew (Great Britain),
Matthieu Quincy (France),
Gerardo Avelar (Mexico)
Director Mare Tommingas

Extracts from Tchaikovsky’s ballets „The Sleeping Beauty“, „Eugene Onegin“, „The Swan Lake“

Just as the timeless ballets by Tchaikovsky are the cornerstone of every ballet theatre, a Tchaikovsky ballet
gala is the dream of every ballet lover. Soloists of the International Ballet Troupe of Vanemuine Theatre star on
the open-air stage of the Haapsalu Bishop’s Castle, accompanied by the students of Vanemuine Dance and
Ballet School. It is bound to be a magical ballet night full of emotions, passion, and stunning beauty.

Fri. 29. june 23:00


Promenade concert

Tallinn University of Technology Wind Orchestra
Conductor Tarmo Kivisilla

Sat. 30. june 14:00


``Souvenir de Florence``

Tchaikovsky. “The Seasons” Op. 37b (“May”, “June”, “July”)
Tchaikovsky. “Souvenir de Florence” op. 70

The Northwest Symphony Orchestra of Saint Petersburg
Strings, principal violinist Ilya Kozlov
Conductor Gennady Tchernov

Tchaikovsky’s music for strings is powerful, touching, and full of romantic emotions. The central work of the
evening is Souvenir de Florence, one of the most beautiful pieces of Tchaikovsky, composed after his memorable visit to Florence. The orchestra features the best representatives of the famous Russian string tradition from the spectacular music scene of Saint Petersburg. Haapsalu Dome Church with its unique acoustics offers a special treat to music lovers.

Sat. 30. june 16:00


Gala Grande

The Northwest Symphony Orchestra of Saint Petersburg
Peeter Laul (piano), Jelizaveta Soina (soprano, Novaya Opera Theatre of Moscow),
Andrei Breus (baritone, Moscow Bolshoi Theatre), Lev Klychkov (violin)
Conductor Gennadi Chernov

Also Tallinn University of Technology Wind Orchestra, conductor Tarmo Kivisilla

Piotr Tchaikovsky. The Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor, op. 23
Fragments from „The Sleeping Beauty“, „The Swan Lake“, „Eugene Onegin“, Overture „The Year 1812“ op.49

The festive gala evening brings you the audience’s favourites. Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 is an iconic work that delights both the listeners who rarely visit concerts and the dedicated audiences, not to mention the
musicians themselves. It is always special to hear Tchaikovsky performed by a Russian orchestra. The Northwest Symphony Orchestra of Saint Petersburg brings together the best musicians of the orchestras of
Saint Petersburg. The singers from the Novaya Opera Theatre of Moscow and the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre
perform the key scenes from the opera „Eugene Onegin“ and the exquisite ballet music sounds just as gracious and magnificent as once at the flamboyant court balls. The evening is finished by the powerful The 1812 Overture, at the culmination of which, the church bells of Haapsalu Dome Church join in, and if the air humidity is suitable for the historic cannon, we can also hear cannon salutes.

Sat. 30. june 19:00



Tim Kliphuis Trio (Netherlands),
The Orchestra of the Tallinn Music High School

Tim Kliphius, a violinist and a master of jazz arrangements who left the Estonian audience in awe a couple of
years ago, gives the listener a chance to enjoy Tchaikovsky in a jazz arrangement at the last concert of the festival. The concert includes themes from „Serenade“ and „Souvenir de Hapsal“, but also Ellington and Copland. The string players from the Orchestra of the Tallinn Music High School also participate. The young musicians, who will perform on world stages in the future and hopefully play as soloists at the future Tchaikovsky festivals, lend a special feeling to the concert with their energy and spark.

Sat 30. june 22:00



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St. Petersburg State Capella Choir
St. Petersburg State Capella Choir
St. Petersburg State Capella Choir is the first professional Russian choir, established already in the 15th century. Capella Choir is the cradle of Russian choral art and it’s one of the best choirs in the world.
Vladislav Chernushenko
Vladislav Chernushenko
Vladislav Chernushenko is the artistic director and chief conductor of the Capella Choir since 1974.
Priit Volmer
Priit Volmer
Priit Volmer (bass) is a soloist of the Estonian National Opera since 2004 and also a guest soloist of Opera Bonn since 2013.
René Soom
René Soom
René Soom (baritone) has worked in the Estonian National Opera since 1997 and as a soloist since 2005.
Jaanika Rand-Sirp
Jaanika Rand-Sirp
Jaanika Rand-Sirp is the vocalists concertmaster in the Estonian National Opera since 2013 and works as a teacher in Tartu Heino Eller Music College and Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.
Peeter Laul
Peeter Laul
Peeter Laul is currently one of the brightest pianists on world stages. His roots come back to Estonia – his father is an Estonian musicologist and composer.
Mare Tommingas
Mare Tommingas
Mare Tommingas is the ballet director of theatre Vanemuine. She’s one of the founders of the Vanemuine Dance and Ballet School and a teacher of modern dance.
The Northwest symphony orchestra of Saint-Petersburg
The Northwest symphony orchestra of Saint-Petersburg
The Northwest symphony orchestra of Saint-Petersburg joins the best musicians from St. Petersburg’s and northwest Russia’s orchestras.
Elizaveta Soina
Elizaveta Soina
Elizaveta Soina (soprano) is the soloist of Moscow Novaya Opera since 2013. Haapsalu audience is already familiar with her from last year by the role of Iolanta.
Andrey Breus
Andrey Breus
Andrey Breus (baritone) is the soloist of the Bolshoy Theatre and Moscow Novaya Opera.
Lev Klychkov
Lev Klychkov
Lev Klychkov is the concertmaster of St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra since 1982.
Tim Kliphuis Trio
Tim Kliphuis Trio
Tim Kliphuis Trio’s leader is the award winning violinist Tim Kliphuis together with Nigel Clark on the guitar and Roy Percy on double bass. They are performing a musical blend of gypsy jazz, classical and folk music.
Gennady Chernov
Gennady Chernov
Gennady Chernov is the artistic director and chief conductor of the Northwest symphony orchestra of Saint-Petersburg since 2014.
Tanel-Eiko Novikov
Tanel-Eiko Novikov
Percussionist Tanel-Eiko Novikov is the winner of the television competition „Stars of Classical Music“ 2018.
Ingely Laiv
Ingely Laiv
Oboist Ingely Laiv is the finalist of „Stars of Classical Music“ 2018.
Johannes Põlda
Johannes Põlda
Violinist Johannes Põlda is the finalist of „Stars of Classical Music“ 2018.
Kaspar-Oskar Kramp
Kaspar-Oskar Kramp
Trombone player Kaspar-Oskar Kramp is the finalist of „Stars of Classical Music“ 2018.
Sven-Sander Šestakov
Sven-Sander Šestakov
Pianist Sven-Sander Šestakov is the finalist of „Stars of Classical Music“ 2018.
Kristiina Rokashevich
Kristiina Rokashevich
Pianist Kristiina Rokashevich is the finalist of „Stars of Classical Music“ 2016.
Brass Orchestra of Tallinn University of Technology
Brass Orchestra of Tallinn University of Technology



Festival organiser is SA Eesti Kontsert
Tuuli Metsoja
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